Lithographic Products Huge variety of carton options and ideas.

Printing on corrugated to many customers has become as important an element in package design as protection. There are a variety of different ways to apply graphics to corrugated board. The main three are flexography, silkscreen, and lithographic printing.

At Box Dynamix we understand that good carton structure and packaging not only contains and transports commodities, but is so often of necessity designed to achieve certain merchandising possibilities. Material strength and appearance are important, as are factors such as re-usage and recycling needs, filling and closure factors and bulk transport and storage in stacks.

We offer our customers access to a large variety of designs, carton styles. This provides greater creative freedom in the design stage and offers a huge variety of carton options and ideas.

We have a complex and highly sophisticated lithographic and screen printing capacity, encompassing small to very large run capability of product-specific laminated cartons & solid-board folding cartons.

These have a vast number of applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hosiery, food, beverage and similar fast moving goods industries.

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